Green power gym


Dance in the air!

Want to fly?
With aerial hoop lessons you can get close to that exhilarating feeling.

Here you can develop your strength and agility while doing exciting and innovative things you never knew you could do. Here you can safely push your limits and get in touch with your dancer self.

After a gymnastics training warm-up, the hoop is used to strengthen the muscles of the grip, arm muscles, shoulder girdle and core, but during the class you’ll work through the entire musculature of the body.
The delicate movements and precise execution can make this art form seem simple, even easy. It’s no secret that it’s a tough genre and, like anything worth fighting for, it’s not a painless journey. However, with enough perseverance, the body adapts and after mastering a few poses, you can learn exciting combinations and exciting choreographies.
This sport brings out the child in everyone who wants to hang from a tree.

Achieving more difficult poses, developing more fluid connections and developing control over the equipment will constantly challenge you to new goals and new experiences of success.

Not only beautiful poses, but dynamic falls and turns, hard power elements are learned in lessons, sky’s the limit.

In class, we emphasise proper training morale and a development-oriented mindset so that together we can celebrate the wonders the human body is capable of.

I’m sure all your friends’ jaws will drop if they see you hanging from a hoop in a gravity-denying way!

In life, we mostly regret the things we don’t do, come and try our aerial hoop class, you’ll be surprised!