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Feed your body!

“We shouldn’t ignore the body’s signals, because a disturbance in one organ or organ system leads to further systemic disturbances. 
We need to know that we can make ourselves feel better or heal if we don’t accept that
chronic fatigue,
lack of motivation,
lack of concentration,
worsening of PMS symptoms,
weight problems,
joint problems,
sleep disturbances and countless other symptoms are not a natural part of life, but a “cry for help” from the body!

I don’t believe in diets or dieting, just and only in lifestyle change. You can’t achieve lasting, permanent results if the changes only affect one corner of your life.Healthy eating, regular exercise, getting the right amount and quality of sleep, and effective stress management all work together to produce results.We don’t need to treat our symptoms, we need to find the source of the problem, act effectively and make changes there, because we want to live a life of 100%, not 50%, and we can do the most to achieve this ourselves, because the key to recovery lies within us. “

Andrea Desits

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