Green power gym


This type of training is recommended for everyone as it provides a great foundation for strength and endurance training.

It varies and combines body weight exercises based on movements from everyday life, using different tools such as TRX, BOSU, TOGU JUMPER, agility ladder, fitball, miniband, GIRJA, plyobox, rope, medicine ball, wallball, agility band, RIP trainer, tape.

There are strengthening exercises, endurance exercises and exercises to improve speed and agility. Yes, we jump, run, pull and push, jump over, climb, even on all fours!

Young people can also try this class, they will find it challenging and it will strengthen their core muscles, which are put to the test by the amount of sitting they do every day.

Functional training is not about building muscle!

It’s about teaching your muscles how to use them “smart” and efficiently, even at maximum load.

Concentration is crucial in training, because we train our neuromuscular system with complex exercises, aiming for quality execution.

In this class, we educate our muscles so that we can make them more beautiful afterwards.