Green power gym


Push your limits!

Never give up!

This phrase has become the watchword of the workout method, and for good reason. It’s not just about physical training.

You have to find the motivation within yourself to push yourself beyond your limits, making this one of the most effective types of group exercise. It gives you a lot of energy mentally when you see other people struggling with the weights, the exercises, themselves, and you know that maybe with a smaller weight or maybe with a bigger weight, doing the exercises slower or just faster, but you’re all going to do it. Together! While everyone is competing with themselves.

The class is very varied in terms of tools and exercises, but the “piquancy” of the workout is the combination of exercises. Strength and endurance WODs (workout of the day) form the backbone of the workout. A WOD is a complex exercise consisting of different exercises, usually performed for a given time, with a given weight, a given number of repetitions or for a given time with a maximum number of repetitions.

The names of the exercises are used in English in Spartan class, but after 3-4 sessions it becomes completely familiar to everyone. 

Many of you think that this class is only for people who are competitive and pure muscle.

It is obviously easier if you have a sports background and are actively trained. Yet I think anyone who is interested in trying the class should give it a try. You won’t get injured because you’ll be doing exercises that require more serious technique in a simplified way, and we’ll be doing technique. However, if you embrace the atmosphere of the class and the pulse of the group, you’ll be making great strides to catch up and reach your goal.